Balcony Décor Ideas

It really doesn’t matter if you have a small balcony or a generously sized terrace. Here’s our guide on balcony décor ideas to help you create a tranquil space that is as attractive as your home’s interior and to take a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Balcony Decor Ideas terrace home decoration tips

When choosing the décor for any space, it is important to first determine the space’s primary function so that the selections of materials, plants, and furniture can be made with the purpose in mind.

Is your balcony a gathering spot for friends to hang out, a spot to admire the beautiful view of the city, or simply a place to take a break from your work-from-home schedule? Now that you’ve decided, continue reading to get some beautiful balcony décor ideas that suit your taste as well as requirements.

Balcony Décor Ideas

1. Vertical Garden

vertical garden balcony décor ideas

Don’t let your zeal for gardening be stifled by the lack of space in your apartment. Give your balcony décor a personal touch with vertical gardening and also reap the endless benefits of this décor. For instance, you can go for fresh herbs from your garden to cook with every day, an Instagram-worthy backdrop to click pictures, and privacy from the prying eyes of the neighbors.

To begin with, choose a spot on your balcony with plenty of sunlight. Further, with the help of pallets, you can arrange the plants as per your liking and aesthetic.

Additionally, the greater the number of planters you have on the pallets, the greater the variety of herbs you can plant and the better it looks. As a result, these vertical garden balcony décor ideas will make your space lively and fresh and also ensure privacy.

2. Private Sky Bar

open sky bar balcony décor ideas

What could be better than happy hour with your pals, under the open sky? With movable stools and a durable teak bar counter, you can set up a private sky bar on your balcony.

Additionally, the rustic hardwood flooring, together with the innovative and slender bar stand, translates a simple aesthetic without cluttering the space.

Lastly, with some potted plants, you can also bring a touch of green to this space and create a relaxing spot where you can catch up with your friends while watching the world go by below.

3.  Teepee Balcony Décor

teepee balcony décor ideas

All of the stringent stay-at-home rules due to the pandemic have abruptly created a sense of confinement in this modern world. It can be even more restrictive for us at times, due to limited outlets for expression and rare natural escapes.

Therefore, a beautiful teepee on your balcony might be the décor you need. We absolutely adore the way these fabric tepees have been thrown gently over the space. Choose a sturdy waterproof canvas fabric to drape the teepee, so that it can also withstand the monsoon season.

As a result, taking inspiration from these teepee balcony décor ideas can give off nice holiday vibes while being at home also, a much-needed break from the chaos. Make it as subtle as a Santorini getaway or as colourful as a trip to Jaipur.

4. The Oh-So-Dreamy Bohemian Balcony Décor

bohemian balcony décor ideas

The bohemian aesthetic has always been one of the few popular balcony décor ideas amongst the youngsters. This hippie and youthful vibe can be created by hanging string ball lights on an accent wood panel wall with hanging pots and bamboo furniture. You can also use fabric in bright colors to create some warmth.

Additionally, this décor style creates a romantic atmosphere, which is ideal for unwinding, socializing with friends or spending quality time with someone special.

To begin with, the aesthetic for the décor, furniture, pillowcases, carpet, and throws can be inspired by the climate in the area. For instance, if the climate in your city is usually sunny, you can also install a hammock with other bamboo décor pieces.

Lastly, to avoid an overcrowded look, use a simple color palette to create a cohesive look.

5. A Cozy- Oasis Balcony Décor

cozy balcony décor ideas

On glorious warm breezy days and relaxing summer evenings, a cozy balcony, no matter its size, is absolute bliss. Though a standard apartment balcony comes with a plain concrete floor with no zing to it, you can always use interlocking deck tiles or an outdoor rug to brighten up the drab slab.

Similarly, you can add a sectional sofa and throw a soft duvet, tufted outdoor cushions, and a chunky woven rug to make it the comfiest spot in your house.

To further spruce up the balcony décor, add string lights, candles, wind chimes, and some planters to add a doze of greenery.

6. Vintage Style Balcony Décor

vintage balcony décor ideas

Vintage aesthetic is becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst different balcony décor ideas. Incorporating fun antique pieces from inside the house into your balcony gives it a one-of-a-kind look.

Generally, most vintage décor pieces can be found at a thrift store or market, from ladders and kitchen tools to wheelbarrows and sewing machines. Anything can be turned into a décor item for your balcony. You can also find cute vintage items in flea markets.

To begin with, keep the focus on the furniture. Unfinished wooden chairs with a matching coffee table or a cozy lounge sofa, either of these can work.

Traditionally, the color palette for these balcony décor ideas is kept neutral, with creams, taupes, and browns as the primary colors. One can also use a more sophisticated palette of whites, greens and pinks.

Additionally, old gilded mirrors, brass and frosted glass lamps, stenciled walls, vintage lights, and decorative tile borders are some other accessories that bring a vintage style balcony to life. Finish these ideas with some cascading creepers.

Check out this article for DIY projects that you can incorporate as décor items in your vintage balcony.

7. Traditional Indian Balcony Décor

traditional balcony décor ideas

Looking forward to adding a traditional touch to your balcony? Well, the easiest way to give your balcony décor an Indian twist is by adding lots of rustic colors and ethnic botanical prints like leaves, flowers, and birds while choosing the cushions, coffee table, wall hangings, mud planter pots, and rugs.

Further, to jazz up the space, use traditional artwork, paintings or mirrors as a wall display. Additionally, you can brighten up the plain walls and paint some traditional wall art like Warli painting, mandala art, madhubani, kalamkari and more, keeping in mind the Indian concept.

For the final touches, you can also add some creepers and faux oil lamps to the traditional Indian balcony décor ideas. Or add a tulsi plant at the corner to cleanse the air.

8. Minimal Balcony Décor

minimal balcony décor ideas

With mindless purchases becoming more common around the world, minimalism is a growing trend in all aspects of life, including décor. One can easily make the most out of your balcony space by choosing proper minimalist balcony décor items.

To begin with, adhering to a color palette like neutrals is a foolproof way to master minimalism. You can add a small outdoor table, simple chairs, seat cushions, wooden accents, succulents, and foliage to make it look cohesive.

In this context, you must only decorate your balcony based on your needs. Furthermore, all of the accessories you use on your balcony should be of equal importance and role. Just remember, simplicity is the key.

9. Party of One Compact Balcony Décor

small balcony décor ideas

Congratulations if you are one of the few people who have a balcony in their apartment. Even better if you get to enjoy it all by yourself. So, what if it’s compact? Well, with these balcony décor ideas, you can make the most out of the limited space and turn it into your private spot for some much-needed me-time!

Firstly, in a small space, too much décor might appear cluttered. Therefore, try incorporating one focal point, such as a single-seat lounger or a chair and one or two finishing touches in complementary colors.

Further, we must not forget to utilize the wall space. Install shelves for planters and string lights, hang wall slats for extra organization, and use your windowsills as makeshift shelves. Throw in some cushions, other décor items, and voila! You have a perfect space to enjoy solitude.

10. Rustic & Rugged Balcony Décor

rustic balcony décor ideas

Rustic balcony décor has a distinct appearance and is inspired by the farmhouses, log cabins, and ranches. This décor style will highlight the closeness to nature and create a gateway to fully enjoy it.

To begin with, you’ll need some rustic wood or wicker furniture, followed by rustic fabrics such as tablecloths, pillows, and rugs.

Further, rustic style is all about neutral and warm colors, likewise, you can add décor with a similar colour palette to make the balcony aesthetically cohesive. For artwork, you can select natural landscapes including houses, farms or foggy mountain scenes.

You can also choose candle holders, lanterns, wooden frames, worn pieces, and stump tables for a shabby chic look. Finally, adorn the balcony with lots of greenery and enjoy your super cozy, welcoming abode.

11.  The Italian Getaway

italian style balcony décor ideas

Lemon trees in terracotta planters, perfect table settings, and bougainvillea dripping with fuchsia blooms adding some Italian style to your home is not as far-fetched as it seems. So, get into the romantic spirit of Rome and spruce up your space by taking inspiration from these easy Italian balcony décor ideas.

The key to finessing the Italian style is by incorporating rustic colors like mustard yellow, olive green, rust red, corals etc. in your décor. To begin with, add a small table with foldable chairs and a chic checkered tablecloth with patterns such as stripes and florals.

Next, when setting the table, the more you layer, the better it looks. Hence, you can use wicker placemats, beautiful colored glasses and a vase with beautiful summer flowers.

Further, add accessories like candles, and the classic bougainvillea or wisterias mounted with the help of railing planters. That’s it. Now, just sit back, relax and live your dream vacation in Rome.

balcony décor ideas

In conclusion, a balcony has a special place in every house. Perhaps it is because this open space connects us with the rest of the world. Or maybe because it is a spot in our home where we can enjoy nature with our loved ones or maybe just by ourselves.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you measure your balcony space in square feet or acres, the possibilities of décor are as endless as your imagination.

We hope you found this article inspiring and interesting. Let us know which one of these balcony décor ideas you liked the most by commenting down below. 

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