Office Decor Ideas: Nature Inspirations Trending in Modern Workplaces

As modern lifestyle gets more and more reclusive, a creative workplace décor can boost employee productivity and happiness. Find out all about how nature and travel themes are trendy in office décor ideas with rustic textures and warm colors.

How Important in Office Décor in the Millennial Lifestyle

In the millennial age, people are getting more secluded as indoor activities like social media chats and internet browsing have replaced outdoor activities like cycling or picnics. As such, workers are spending more and more time indoors.

The modern lifestyle has many parts that affect health for better or worse, such as changing food habits, leisure activities, work environments and social lives. However, the lack of exposure to nature is one of the underlying factors modern lifestyle commonly has for people across many professions. And that is one of the causes of increased stress and reduced concentration in workers.

Many studies have shown that office design affects productivity. Other than the basics like cleanliness or natural lighting, a lively office decor improves the workers’ overall mood. Everything from textures to colors to arrangement of furniture can subconsciously affect employees’ mood.

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I can say this even from personal experience. My first job out of college was at a beautiful, newly-built corporate office with extra daylight and clean, white interiors. Although I loved my office, I was sometimes put off by the role itself, which was less creative than I had hoped.

So I applied for a job in a magazine and got an offer straight away. However, when I returned to my office, trying to make up my mind on whether to quit or not, I immediately knew the answer. I wouldn’t be able to leave the swanky white office for a cluttered one. It would kill the creative writing mood. And so I just happily freelanced as a magazine writer instead of joining there full-time. Never regretted that decision, ever. Guess why our tiny office at is all white!

Latest Trends in Office Décor Ideas

So now let’s look at what’s new and trendy in office interiors and how to incorporate these fun themes in your own office.

1. Millennials are Loving Nature & Travel Themes

For small workplaces like startups or home offices, using color and materials creatively is becoming very important (and common). Nature inspirations and travel themes are the top trends when it comes to small office ideas, since they can keep employees happy, especially when it comes to Gen Z and millennial workforce.

2. Earthy Colors & Natural Fibers are Back

Earthy colors and textures are back – think natural fibers, raw and unfinished looking wall paints and limestone-like tiles. Bright earthy colors like rust, brick, autumn orange, leaf and olive green are increasingly being used for office desk decor and furniture. Warm neutrals like beige, slate, desert sand and walnut are getting trendy for walls and flooring. Trending natural materials for office decor ideas are wood, bamboo, clay, jute, cotton, shell and stone.

Employee retention is one of the key goals of a fast-growing startup, and earthy colors can uplift the users’ moods, and keep them calmer. View these mood-boards I designed for a startup office interior in Bangalore, targeting employee interest and happiness. The startup provides coworking spaces.


3. Lighter Colors Improve Productivity for Workstations

Office lounges are becoming livelier, designed using fun, brighter colors. This helps employees unwind at lunchtime or feel happy while coming in every morning. Whereas cubicle décor and office wall décor is getting lighter colors to improve concentration levels while at work. The latest cubicle décor ideas are embracing a Zen minimalism.

2018-2019-workplace-decor-trends-interiors-colors-workstation-cubicle decor-ideas

4. Cubicles Over Open Office Layouts

Some offices are mixing up open office design with cubicles, since cubicles contribute to distraction-free working environment, improving productivity.

“Your personal workspace is one of the most overlooked factors that affect productivity,” says Jamie Fertsch, director and co-founder of XDesk, a U.S.-based company that creates customized, ergonomic desks in an article published in Business News Daily. “Breaking up your work time with mental rest periods improves productivity while moving around in small bursts throughout the day can lower stress levels and improve health.”

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Of course, not all offices, especially for small businesses and startups, have the luxury of having enough space for cubicles. In this case, try creating screens, team offices, and low-height partitions.

5. Plants or Nature-Inspired Prints to Improve Mood

A UK study on the co-relation of office design and productivity showed that researchers found enriching a ‘lean’ office with plants could increase productivity by 15%. Home office design is especially getting greener this year.

Where plants are not possible, nature prints can be a great alternative. Wallpapers, print fabrics, graphic-printed glass doors and patterned laminates can add an extra layer of warmth to the office décor. Leaves, trees and climbers are very popular, since they add the looking-outside-a-window effect. Even dog prints are getting trendy, to bring a homey feel to the workplace.

nature-inspired-millennial-workplaces-office-colors-interior-design Office Decor Ideas

6. Office Décor Ideas with Warmth are Popular

A warm, loving feel is the new factor a modern workplace is trying to have. The idea is not to necessarily replicate a home, but to create an environment where one can concentrate and yet feel good.

Overall, we can see how these new styles have started trending to meet the growing demands of the millennial and Gen Z lifestyle. We’re sure bringing nature into workplaces is not going out of fashion any time soon, whether it’s through actual trees or through above ideas! Let us know your thoughts on these new workplace décor ideas and trends by commenting below.

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