Letter from the Editor

shilpa-ahuja-decorisk interior decor magazine editor letterInteriors and architecture have fascinated me since I was 13. Sitting in my free time between classes, I used to design my dream home, and read interior décor magazines. Sure enough, the way we plan or dream up our home interiors says a lot about who we are, and what we like. And planning my dream interior décor used to sort of take me into a different world altogether. Once my dream house was planned and sorted, I decided I could become an interior designer or architect when I grew up. I used to make checklists I would need to keep in mind when I would design my clients’ homes. Sure enough, I grew up to be an architect, and worked plenty in interior projects too, before I changed gears and began the media company that Decorisk Magazine is a part of.

Having spent countless hours pouring over books on architecture and interior design, I knew exactly what was missing, and what I wanted Decorisk to be about – the design basics for everyone. The inclusive décor knowledge repository and endless pool of ideas and inspiration of things readers can actually use – the budget-friendly décor, the practical guide to interiors.

Hope you enjoy reading Decorisk Magazine as much as I enjoy creating it.

Shilpa Ahuja