About Us | Decorisk Magazine

Decorisk Magazine is your guide to trendy yet practical interior design ideas. Written and compiled by a team of interior designers and decorators, we strive to provide simple, easy yet beautiful solutions to our readers on how to decorate or design your home, office, garden, or whatever you’re in the mood for.

At Decorisk, we believe that good design isn’t about budget, but about taste. It’s not about copying trendy ideas, but about being creative and creating a space that reflects your own personality. So at Decorisk, our aim is to refine your taste by starting conversations about design and designers around the world, by inspiring our readers to understand what they love and what works for them.

From understanding interior decor lingo to design basics, from understanding how to hire a designer to budgeting your renovations, from cute DIYs for yourself to shopping guides, Decorisk magazine is your read for all things beautiful!

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