Top Interior Designers in India Ruling the Industry

After comparing data for various interior designers, we have ranked the top interior designers in India who can completely transform your space. Is your favorite designer on the list? Check it out for yourself.


Interior design has a major impact on our daily lives and plays an important role in shaping the way we interact with space. Moreover, it can make spaces more compelling and make our experiences better. For instance, whether it’s a particularly nice meal at a friend’s house, a shopping mall you visit frequently, or that famous art gallery you love. Interior design is everywhere.

A good interior designer is someone who produces a design that not only looks good but also uniquely blends form and functionality. But when it comes to choosing the top interior designer in India, who would you choose? Well, to make it easier for you we have ranked the top 15 interior designers in India in this article.

Here at, we love analyzing data to present trustworthy, research-based rankings for you to discover the best insights about the design industry. Thus, we kept our views unbiased and did a lot of research to present a list of top interior designers in India.

As a result, our analysis for ranking the interior designers was based on several criteria, such as:

  1. Social media following
  2. Number of studios in India and abroad
  3. Experience
  4. Notable clients
  5. Awards received
  6. Best projects worked on
  7. Online popularity
  8. Number of employees
top Indian-Interior-Designers-Rankings-list-insights

Thereby, after days of intensive data analysis, we’re delighted to share our list. Continue reading to take a look at our list of top interior designers in India. Besides, these designers are making a strong influence not only on the projects they work on but also on the entire industry.

On an average, the top 5 Indian interior designers have:

  • An office size of 70 employees.
  • An online popularity score of 33.8K, compared to the 22.3K average of the top 15 designers.
  • 650K Instagram followers or more.

On an average, the top 10 Indian interior designers:

  • Have had their practice for 22.7 years, compared to 20 years average for the top 15 designers.

Top Interior Designers in India

1. Manit Rastogi

Infosys Campus Designed by Manit Rastogi top interior designer in India
Infosys Campus by Manit Rastogi

Manit Rastogi is a Delhi-based, award-winning architect, urban designer, and the founder of Morphogenesis. He reinterprets India’s architectural traditions and uses passive design solutions to create a unique contextual language. Also, Manit’s designs are known for being incredibly inventive and environmentally conscious.

Manit’s most notable works include designing the Jaipur branch of Pearl Academy and the Chettinad Health City auditorium. Furthermore, he founded his firm Morphogenesis in 1996 that also provides design solutions in Nepal, Sri Lanka, the UAE, and more.

As a result, Manit has received 95 international and national awards and contributed to over 750 publications worldwide. Also, he is the first Indian to win the World Architecture Festival Award. Thus, with all of these achievements as feathers in his cap, he ranks #1 on our list of top interior designers in India

Decorisk Rank1
Interior DesignerManit Rastogi
Year Established1996
Online Popularity Score4107
Instagram Followers23.8 K
Twitter Followers1.6 K
FB Page Likes5 K
Office Size160
No. of Studios3
Notable ClientsHarley Davidson
  • FuturArc Green Leadership Award, Singapore, 2020.
  • WA100 2020, Building Design
  • CWAB Award – Noteworthy Project, 2020
  • CWAB Awards – India’s Top Architect, 2020
  • Cityscape Global Awards, UAE, 2019
  • National Best Employer Award
  • CWAB Awards – India’s Top Architects
  • Diversity Impact Award
Notable WorkPearl Academy in Jaipur
Decorisk Score293

2. Gauri Khan

Arth Restaurant Designed by Gauri Khan top interior designer in India
Arth Restaurant by Gauri Khan

Gauri Khan is an accomplished and one of the top celebrity interior designers based in Mumbai. Especially, with a flair for the dramatic and the ability to move from one assignment to the next, she was in the list of Fortune India’s Most Powerful Women of 2018.

To begin with, Gauri is the brain behind the creative vision of various projects such as a Mexican eatery, Sanchos in Mumbai, Arth Restaurant in Pune, Project Ace in Delhi, and Kings Mansion in Goa. Furthermore, the designer has also worked on the homes of Bollywood stars such as Ranbir Kapoor, Sidharth Malhotra, Jaqueline Fernandes, designed the interiors of a vanity van for Alia Bhatt, a nursery for Karan Johar’s kids, and Mukesh Ambani’s home at Antilia. Established in 2014, Gauri Khan has been unstoppable since.

Decorisk Rank2
Interior DesignerGauri Khan
Year Established2014
Online Popularity Score7417
Instagram Followers3.2 M
Twitter Followers365 K
FB Page Likes2.7 M
Office Size28
No. of Studios1
Notable ClientsMukesh Ambani
  • The Excellence in Design Award at the Hello!
  • Hall of Fame Awards in 2018
Notable WorkCollaboration with Roberto Cavalli and Ralph Lauren for home accessories.
Decorisk Score284

3. Sunita Kohli

Baroda House Designed by Sunita Kohli top interior designer in India
Baroda House by Sunita Kohli

Sunita Kohli is a Delhi-based, well-known designer in the realm of interior design. She specializes in research-based interior design, as seen in her work assignments. Her aesthetic is coupled with regal and traditional styles.

With many high-profile projects under her belt since 1971, the restoration of the President’s Estate (Rashtrapati Bhavan), the Prime Minister’s Office, and the Hyderabad House in Delhi are some excellent examples of projects completed by her. Furthermore, she was also honored with Padma Shri in 1992. Therefore, her achievements and a phenomenal portfolio of work rank her among the top interior designers in India.

Decorisk Rank3
Interior DesignerSunita Kohli
Year Established1971
Online Popularity Score1699
Instagram Followers3.5 K
Twitter Followers
FB Likes2 K
Office Size55
No. of Studios1
Top ClientsGovt. of India
AwardsPadma Shri in 1992.
Notable Work
  • Rashtrapati Bhavan
  • Hyderabad House
  • Prime Minister’s Office
  • Prime Minister’s Residence
  • Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum
  • British Council Building in New Delhi
  • National Assembly Building, Thimpu, Bhutan
  • Hotel & Casino
  • Mena House Oberoi in Cairo
  • Hotel Aswan Oberoi
  • Hotel EL-Arish Oberoi
Decorisk Score280

4. Ambrish Arora

Taj Theog Resort and Spa Designed by Ambrish Arora top interior designer in India
Taj Theog Resort and Spa by Ambrish Arora

Ambrish Arora is a New Delhi-based designer with expertise in architecture and spatial design. To begin with, he focuses on the physical and sensory elements of the space with a thoroughly contextual approach to his work. Also, Ambrish considers sustainability from different perspectives, including cultural, social, and environmental effects.

Moreover, with an array of projects in his portfolio, some of his remarkable works include various Taj Hotels across the nation, Raas clients in Kangra, museums in New Delhi, global retail identity for Royal Enfield, retail format design for Louis Philippe and Fastrack, etc.

Established in 2002, Ambrish is also the co-founder of Studio Lotus, a thought leader design firm of the country. Furthermore, thanks to his distinctive work style, the designer has several awards to his name such as INSIDE Awards at World Architecture Festival Berlin and The Grand Jury Prize at the Design for Asia Award. As a result, Ambrish is constantly climbing the charts of top interior designers in India.

Decorisk Rank4
Interior DesignerAmbrish Arora
Year Established2002
Online Popularity Score3110
Instagram Followers32.8 K
Twitter Followers.66 K
FB Page Likes9.4 K
Office Size106
No. of Studios1
Notable ClientsTaj Group
  • INSIDE Awards at World Architecture Festival Berlin.
  • The Grand Jury Prize at the Design for Asia Award.
  • Made up to the AD50 list for 4 consecutive years.
  • A nomination for the Aga Khan Awards cycle 2013 and many more.
Notable WorkTaj Theog Resort & Spa, Upstage Club Roseat House
Decorisk Score272

5. Rajiv Saini

Projects Designed by Manit Rastogi top interior designer in India
Private residential projects by Rajiv Saini

Rajiv Saini is an architect and interior designer from Mumbai whose work combines contemporary architecture with finely made details. Particularly, he is a specialist in residential and hospitality design.

Rajiv has completed various projects, for instance, the Marriott Hotel in Goa, Devigarh Hotel in Udaipur, and many high-end houses in India, Thailand, Dubai, and the United States. Moreover, his firm, Rajiv Saini and Associates, was founded in 1995 and was named one of Wallpaper’s Top 5 Design Studios in the United Kingdom and has also won Elle Décor International Design Award on three occasions. As a result, Rajiv has established himself as one of the top interior designers in India.

Decorisk Rank5
Interior DesignerRajiv Saini
Year Established1995
Online Popularity Score4613
Instagram Followers25.7 K
Twitter Followers
FB Likes
Office Size5
No. of Studios1
Top ClientsMarriot Hotels
  •  Inside-Outside Designer of the Year
  • Elle Décor International Design Award on three occasions.
Notable WorkMarriott Hotel (Goa)
Decorisk Score252

6. Twinkle Khanna

The White Window by Twinkle Khanna top interior designer in India
Private residential project by Twinkle Khanna

Twinkle Khanna is a former Bollywood actor, a novelist, newspaper columnist, film producer, and one of India’s first celebrity interior designers from Mumbai. Her design aesthetic is sophisticated yet whimsical. Particularly, the reflection of her style can be interpreted in her high-end home décor store, The White Window. Also, the store has impeccable furniture that is not only simple but also comfortable.

For instance, she has led multiple residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality design projects to completion. Apart from that, Twinkle has also designed various celebrity homes of Rani Mukerji, Kareena Kapoor, Reemma Sen, and Tabu, to name a few. Because of these, many consider her to be one of the top interior designers in India.

In the meantime, Twinkle also won the Elle Décor International Design Award in 2005, just a few years after establishing herself as an interior designer in 1998.

Decorisk Rank6
Interior DesignerTwinkle Khanna
Year Established2002
Online Popularity Score5890
Instagram Followers6.1 M
Twitter Followers5.6 M
FB Page Likes7 M
Office Size33
No. of Studios1
Notable ClientsRani Mukerjee
AwardsElle Décor International Design Award.
Notable Work
Decorisk Score248

7. Tanya Gyani

Tanya Gyani top interior designer in India
Interior styling by Tanya Gyani

Tanya Gyani is an interior designer from Delhi with a background in interior design and home décor for private residences. Her forté lies between flower arrangements and interior styling. Especially, India’s rich tradition, beautiful fabrics, and crafts inspire her design aesthetic.

She worked as the chief interior designer for DLF, one of India’s most prestigious real estate developers, on renowned luxury complexes such as Magnolias, Aralias, and Queen’s Court for over a decade. Besides, Tanya has also designed restaurants, bars and collaborated with retailers like Pottery Barn, Michael Aram, Massimo Dutti, Crate & Barrel for creating decorative accessories.

Despite her design boutique operating from California, her work sprawls across various countries like India, Italy, the Middle East, and Nepal, among other places.

Decorisk Rank7
Interior DesignerTanya Gyani
Year Established2010
Online Popularity Score2566
Instagram Followers6.3 K
Twitter Following.2 K
FB Likes3.3 K
Office Size7
No. of Studios1
Notable ClientsDLF
AwardsElite Student Award of the FDA
Notable Work
  • Designed decorative accessories for retailers like Pottery Barn
  • Michael Aram
  • Massimo Dutti
  • Crate & Barrel etc
Decorisk Score216

8. Payal Kapoor

Umaid Bhavan Palace Designed by Payal Kapoor top interior designer in India
Umaid Bhavan Palace by Payal Kapoor

Payal Kapoor is a well-known residential interior designer situated in Delhi and founder of Vision, her design studio. She is known as one of the top interior designers in India. Moreover, her design aesthetic is often classic contemporary. In fact, Payal specializes in hotel interiors, institutes, office design, residences, showrooms, train projects, ship projects, etc.

For example, a few of her notable works are, a collaboration with luxury fashion brand Valentino for its store design in Delhi, interiors of Palace on Wheels, a luxury train, and Balasmand Lake Palace Resort.

Since 1991, she has won various awards for her work such as Femina Interiors, Indian Design & Interiors, and Arcade Interiors. Also, Payal is named in Barons’ Who’s Who of the World Global edition.

Decorisk Rank8
Interior DesignerPayal Kapoor
Year Established1991
Online Popularity Score1831
Instagram Followers0.2 K
Twitter Followers
FB Page Likes
Office Size3
No. of Studios1
Notable ClientsValentino
AwardsBarons’ Who’s Who of the World Global edition
Notable WorkHotels
Decorisk Score192

9. Shabnam Gupta

Manikarnika Studio Designed by Shabnam Gupta top interior designer in India
Manikarnika Studio Designed by Shabnam Gupta

Shabnam Gupta is an interior designer from Mumbai. Her studio, the Orange Lane, specializes in space management approaches and making the most of a limited amount of space. Also, Shabnam’s design aesthetic focuses on the earthy palette with a few color accents.

Recent highlights of her work include interior design, style, and décor for Bollywood stars like Late Irrfan Khan, Kangana Ranaut, Parineeti Chopra, well-known restaurant franchises, and even unique individual spaces like The Social in Pune, and The Bar Stock Exchange in Mumbai. Established in 2003, Shabnam’s accomplished corpus of work helped her bag the AD50 2017 Award. Indeed, she is one of the top interior designers in India.

Decorisk Rank9
Interior DesignerShabnam Gupta
Year Established2003
Online Popularity Score1666
Instagram Followers53.5 K
Twitter Followers
FB Page Likes5.7 K
Office Size2
No. of Studios1
Top ClientsIrrfan Khan
AwardsAD50 2017 Award
Notable WorkRetail outlets of Pepperfry
Decorisk Score190

10. Monica Khanna

Chattarpur Farmhouse Designed by Monica Khanna top interior designer in India
Chattarpur Farmhouse by Monica Khanna

Monica Khanna is a reputed interior designer from Delhi and founder of Monica Khanna Designs. She works on architectural and interior projects and is the best at sustainable design and intelligent homes. Further, Monica’s work revolves around two main concepts – timelessness and sustainability. She believes that timeless design is equally sustainable, as evidenced by the green technologies she uses in her projects.

Established in 1999, Monica has worked on numerous projects specifically hotels, resorts, luxury farmhouses, spas, and high-end apartments. Her notable works include designing the interiors of the luxury trains, Palace on Wheels and The Royal Orient. As a result, these have earned her praises from the Maharaja of Udaipur, recognition, and awards. Therefore, with many such eminent works in her portfolio, Monica has established herself as one of the top interior designers in India.

Decorisk Rank10
Interior DesignerMonika Khanna
Year Established1999
Online Popularity Score2694
Instagram Followers0.7 K
Twitter Followers
FB Page Likes2.7 K
Office Size4
No. of Studios1
Top ClientsHeritage Group
Notable WorkLuxury trains – The Palace on Wheels and The Royal Orient
Decorisk Score179

11. Lipika Sud

The Lalit Great Eastern Designed by Lipika Sud top interior designer in India
The Lalit Great Eastern by Lipika Sud

Lipika Sud, the founder of Lipika Sud Interiors situated in Delhi, has been in the industry for more than three decades and is undoubtedly one of the top interior designers in India. Lipika’s work includes residential, business workplaces, and hotel space design.

Lipika is known for her imaginative creativity. She has developed several prestigious projects both in India and overseas. For instance, some notable projects by Lipika are the New Delhi Airport metro station, Sharda University, Kootub, Tandoori Junction.

Since 1989, her enthusiasm for design has led her to receive the prestigious title of Best Design Professional of 2012.

Decorisk Rank11
Interior DesignerLipika Sud
Year Established1989
Online Popularity Score1486
Instagram Followers2.62 K
Twitter Following.5 K
FB Page Likes
Office Size26
No. of Studios2
Notable ClientsThe Lalit Hotels
  • FICCI FLO Outstanding Women Achievers Award 2014
  • Indian Power Awards on 29th January 2014
  • Professional Entrepreneur Award 2013 by Yes Bank
  • SRCC Alumnus on 9th February 2014
  • Design Professional of the Year 2012
  • Best Interior Designer for Creative Excellence
Notable WorkHer work includes projects with Havells, Ericsson,
Hindustan Times – Study Mate, Sharda University,
Hyundai Motors, Daikin, Savoy Suites – Manesar,
Lalit Great Eastern Hotel and many more.
Decorisk Score178

12. Anjum Jung

Prestige Bella Vista Designed by Anjum Jung top interior designer in India
Prestige Bella Vista by Anjum Jung

Anjum Jung is a Bangalore-based interior designer and founder of Morph Designs. She has grown to become one of the top interior designers in India. Her forté is crafting fashionable urban designs with a distinct eclectic aesthetic. Also, Anjum closely works with the concepts of sustainability and local production.

Anjum’s illustrious portfolio includes several Prestige Group properties. For instance, the Prestige Silver Oak, the Prestige Edwardian, and the Oasis Resort, to name a few. Since 1990, she has won numerous national and international awards for her work.

Decorisk Rank12
Interior DesignerAnjum Jung
Year Established1990
Online Popularity Score1001
Instagram Followers27.8 K
Twitter Followers
FB Page Likes154 K
Office Size2
No. of Studios1
Notable ClientsPrestige Group
AwardsNumerous national and international awards
Notable WorkAngasana Oasis Spa and Resort
Decorisk Score164

13. Sussane Khan

The Charcoal Project by Sussane Khanetop interior designer in India
Furniture pieces by Sussane Khan’s brand- The Charcoal Project

Susanne Khan is a celebrity interior designer and founder of The Charcoal Project situated in Mumbai. Her distinctive aesthetic incorporates metal, wood, natural fibers, concrete, geometric pattern decorations, and other elements to produce sophisticated luxe.

Sussanne, since 2011 has designed several conceptual projects. For instance, leading real estate businesses, including private residences, destination villas, commercial offices, and model show apartments, with the help of a team of architects, interior, and product designers. Besides, the star-studded list of clients includes Bollywood actors – Priyanka Chopra and Rani Mukherjee.

Decorisk Rank13
Interior DesignerSussane Khan
Year Established2011
Online Popularity Score6167
Instagram Following24.1 K
Twitter Followers
FB Page Likes
Office Size13
No. of Studios1
Notable ClientsPriyanka Chopra
AwardsIconic Interior Designer of the year 2020 award
Notable Work
Decorisk Score150

14. Ravish Vohra

Interiors by Ravish Vohra top interior designers in India
Interior by Ravish Vohra’s brand- Ravish Vohra Home

Ravish Vohra is a Gurugram-based architect, interior designer, and founder of his brand, Ravish Vohra Home. He continues to be a prominent figure in the bespoke lifestyle market for more than three decades. As a result, he is one of the most successful interior designers in India. Furthermore, Ravish is known for his strong desire to produce fantastic high-end luxury designs incorporated with timelessness and elegance.

For instance, one of his most extensive works includes DLF Magnolias in Gurugram. Established in 1992, Ravish has also worked on projects like home office spaces, walk-in wardrobes, wine cellars, and more.

Decorisk Rank14
Interior DesignerRavish Vohra
Year Established2010
Online Popularity Score941
Instagram Followers6.3 K
Twitter Followers0
FB Page Likes1.6 K
Office Size15
No. of Studios2
Top Clients
Notable WorkDLF Magnolias
Decorisk Score122

15. Pinky Pandit

 Lemon Tree Hotel Designed By Pinky Pandit top interior designers in India
Lemon Tree Hotel by Pinky Pandit

Pinky Pandit, an architect and interior designer from Gurugram, has almost two decades of experience to her credit. Also, she is the co-founder of Modus Design Studio, specializing in residential and commercial architecture, planning, and interior design. Moreover, her work strives for serenity, peacefulness, and the use of space, light, and structural order to achieve these goals.

Pinky has worked on a wide range of projects in terms of scale, typology, and design. Thus, it makes her one of the top interior designers in India for hospitality and luxury apartments. For instance, a few notable works by Pinky are Savneet Anand Residence, Sandeep Chandok Residence, Lemon Tree Hotel, and her collaboration with Jaquar, a leading manufacturing brand in bathroom fittings and accessories.

Decorisk Rank15
Interior DesignerPinky Pandit
Year Established2008
Online Popularity Score3372
Instagram Following4.7 K
Twitter Followers.76 K
FB Likes2.3 K
Office Size27
No. of Studios1
Top Clients
Notable WorkProjects with Jaquar
Decorisk Score122

So, this was our list of top interior designers in India. All of the interior designers and architects mentioned have left an indelible impact on the business and continue to influence how people live and enhance their spaces.

Did your favorite interior designer make it to our list? If not, why do you think they should be on this list? Do let us know your opinions by commenting below.

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