15 Fun DIY Garden Project Ideas to Try at Home Out of Scrap

Are you looking for interesting DIY garden project ideas that can multiply the beauty of your existing garden? Well, we have listed some fun DIY projects that you can try at home with minimal objects. Check them out now!

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Hey there! Are you looking for ways to upgrade your existing garden, give it an aesthetic feel? Or looking for ways to decorate your new garden? Well, now that you have worked out that your garden needs an upgrade, the next step is to discover some cool projects that can transform your existing garden area. And what better than trying some DIY garden project ideas?!

One of the numerous benefits of DIY projects is that they are engaging, hence, it’s a good way to bond with your family and even your plants. Moreover, DIY garden projects are usually created out of scrap, so, you’re constructively contributing to the climate by creating eco-friendly, sustainable projects. Additionally, it saves you the cost of expensive garden accessories and consumes less time.

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In this article, we have combined some fresh DIY garden project ideas that you can try with minimal objects like silverware, bowls, empty cans, rope, etc. that are easily available. Working in a garden can be a refreshing change especially in such grim times with the virus raging once again, forcing most of us to stay indoors. Let’s find out some fun ways to beat the boredom and boost positivity!

15 DIY Garden Project Ideas

1. Bird Feeder


Are you someone who is absolutely in love with birds merrily chirping in your garden? Well, here’s a way you can have those tiny friends come over more often! A bird feeder not only is a fancy addition to your garden but also serves a cause. Birds often in search of grains end up in odd places like tower tops or are exposed to grains sprayed with pesticides. But you can help them by installing a bird feeder in your garden. You can easily create one at home using kitchen cans, fruits, and cardboard sheets.

For creating a kitchen can bird feeder, take an empty can, remove the lid, make sure that there are no sharp metal edges around the lid that may hurt the bird in the eating process. You can even try a cup and saucer bird feeder as it is a unique way to not only invite birds but show off some cool DIY skills.

You can also hollow out the interiors of an orange or an apple, small pumpkin, or pear and fill it with seeds to create bio-degradable feeders. Even sticking grains on interesting cardboard cutouts are fun DIY garden project ideas that you can try with kids.

2. Squirrel Bench

Lately, squirrel benches are catching lots of attention! They’re a good way to entice these tiny creatures into your backyard and enjoy their little munching action. Just in case if you are new to this concept, here’s a brief: a squirrel bench or a squirrel picnic table feeder is a small wooden table and bench adjoined together to feed nuts, corn, or grain to the squirrels. You can either use scrap wood, or even ice-cream sticks to create these benches!


While it looks quite complex it’s pretty easy to create one. Take five ice-cream sticks and stick them adjacent to each other to form the table. Similarly, paste two sticks to create the benches. Now, take two more sticks, and cut them into equal halves. Use sandpaper to smoothen the edges so that they stick properly. Paste the two halves in a crisscross manner and paste them onto the table to form the stand. Now stick the two benches on this stand. Upon drying you can nail it on a tree.

3. Plant Label

The purpose of a plant label is much more than to simply identify the plants. Instead of using a black marker to label the plants, you can go an extra step to make these more appealing. There are so many stones lying around in our garden, how often have you thought of them as plant labels?

Creating stone labels is as easy as picking a stone, drawing abstract shapes using a sharpie, or painting vegetables, or fruits using poster colours! Oh, and don’t forget to write the name of the plant. Other than stones, there are several other ideas for plant labels.


These DIY garden project ideas offer a lot of room to get creative as you can turn anything into a plant label. Be it paper cutouts, scrap metals, ice cream sticks, used sharpies, or even a broken pot, you can easily turn them into beautiful plant labels. Moreover, it fills you with the joy of turning waste into something useful!

4. Teapot Fountain


Who doesn’t love the sight of exquisite fountains in their garden? How about creating your own chic fountain for your garden? All you need for your mini fountain is an old teapot, a cup and saucer, and aluminum pipes!

Connect an aluminum pipe to a water source and fix a teapot at the top. Next, take a shorter pipe and place the cup and saucer on top. Place it in a way that the water falls from the teapot to the cup, and there you are with your personal DIY fountain!

5. Succulent Propagator


Succulents are beautiful plants that need less maintenance and can even grow indoors. Moreover, you can use these succulents to not only beautify your gardens but even your home.

A simple way to create succulent propagators is to use glass jars, cans, wooden boxes, etc. However, you can up your game by propagating succulents in creative ways like using a birdcage, eggshells, or even a giant pumpkin.

6. Rock Sculpture


Rock sculptures are an enticing addition to your garden. If you’re good at achieving a balance, then creating rock sculptures can be super easy but even otherwise you can learn the art with some practice. You can build a rock sculpture at the entrance of the garden or even at the center. Rock sculptures are durable and once created they’ll continue to add beauty to the garden for the times to come.

7. Wind Chime


Wind chimes are a chic addition to your garden, the sound of the cluttering metal is refreshing. However, buying a brand new wind chime can cost several bucks. But we have an alternative! You can create this beautiful windchime with cutlery or stray papers lying around your house.

For trying wind chimes as DIY garden project ideas, you need to collect some old cutlery like table knives, spoons, or forks, and a bowl. You can tie the knives and spoons around the circumference of the bowl using rustic threads to give an antique feel.

8. Vertical Garden


Vertical gardens are being talked about a lot, and are quite a minimalistic addition to your garden. Consuming less space, a vertical garden is a great idea for the ones who live in apartments or don’t have enough space to have a full-fledged garden.

You can easily set up a vertical garden on your balcony. Even the concept of hydroponics is finding roots in India and is a great idea to save space, plus it’s usually done in vertical settings. You can also go with indoor plants or succulents while trying to set up a vertical garden in an indoor setting.

9. Fun Seating


Who doesn’t love spending some leisure time in their garden? Having a comfortable seating area can multiply that several times. However, buying a seating space can come at a whopping price. But you can always use your creativity to save some bucks, and we are here to tell you how!

You can make fun garden seating using tires, wood logs, carton, etc. It’s easy to make and is comfortable and durable. While picking a garden seating we should always check for the durability of the material as outdoor seating can get weathered easily.

10. Trendy Pots


If you own a garden then you might have tried different objects for a pot, even if it was for a short while. Once you start experimenting with different objects, there’s no stopping. You can convert literally anything into a pot, whether it’s a kitchen can, cardboard box, old clothing, eggshells, or even fruits or vegetable leftovers.

But if you’re looking for creating some durable pots, you can create one for yourself using simple materials like white cement and wet towel, rope and mod podge, coconut shell or plastic bottles.

11. Birdbath


The birdbath is yet another excellent idea to have the little friends over! Birds often enjoy a nice bath in clean water, especially during summers. You can erect a birdbath in your garden simply by placing a huge bowl. Make sure it’s thoroughly clean, fill it with some water, however, keep it shallow.

You can always upgrade the bath by adding some stones, or glass marbles to beautify it. You can even create a cemented birdbath as shown here. The sight of birds splashing the water all over will be worth it!

12. Patio Table


Patio tables are small tables, usually placed at the porch or in the garden. You can either create your patio table out of scrap wood or use a spool to make one. Cut a thick log of wood into several pieces to make the table and seating.

13. Garden Trellis


Garden trellis is a stiff object placed near climbers to provide them with the necessary support. Lately, garden trellis has been trending as a fancy addition to the garden. People usually come with creative trellis to beautify the walls with climbers.

You can easily create your own DIY garden trellis, all you need to do is pull out some hangers or chicken wire! You can twist the hangers as you like in whatever shape, you can even combine more than one hanger to form a network and place it around the climbers.

14. Swing


Creating your own garden swing might seem like a hefty task but you can pull it together with just a little bit of dedication and minimal materials like rope, cloth or tires. You can easily make a swing out of old tires by punching holes in the tire and chaining it to a tree.

One can also try the old school wooden swing, for making a wooden swing, you need a log of wood and hang it to the tree using strong ropes, you can also use a piece of old cloth for this purpose. You can try a cloth swing, which is comfortable and easy to make. You can decorate the swing by adding extra cushions or fringes as shown in the image.

15. Hanging Planters


Hanging planters are tiny plants or succulents hanging from a certain height instead of being buried in the ground. These are not only fun DIY garden project ideas but they’re also used for interior decoration. For example, in your living room or balcony.

You can either hang a single plant or a group of plants in one hanger, you can also experiment with climbers in the hanging pots to get a fountain look. The pots can be hung using rope, chain, or metal wires. Try glass pots or you can even use old mugs and hang them using a DIY rope lattice.

So, those were some of the top DIY garden project ideas that you can try while sitting home with the things that are already available at the house. Let us know which one you liked the best!

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