Selfie Spot Ideas to Upgrade Your Room: Unlock Your IG Potential

Transform your space into an Instagram-worthy haven with our creative selfie spot ideas that’ll upgrade your room into the perfect backdrop.

Upgrade Your Room Selfie Spot Ideas home decor

Selfies are the moment, period. From art galleries to museums to local vendor shops, everything appears so photogenic, lately. There is rarely a café without corners solely designated for all selfie-lovers and trust me, it’s the upgrade we deserved. 

These days, our homes need to be a perfect selfie point too. Why not the next frame be under your roof? Nothing is stopping a spot at your home from becoming the epitome of crisp Instagramable pictures. Let’s work on upgrading your room with some selfie spot ideas.

The Neutral Mania

Bringing in the ol’ game of neutral hues back to the arena for this one. You as a customer or a viewer might have seen how often photogenic areas are covered with a layer of neutral colors. Preferably matte with a significant amount of props to support.

Neutral colors are the most trending among home design ideas. It highlights the area making it appear as a larger one while countering reflection well. It’s very versatile with props, like super versatile and we will talk about that later.  For now, let’s see what’s in the store for the neutral mania.

A neutral palette consisting of white, green, gray, and hues of brown and more branching, are no doubt in for this season along with brighter hues of summer. These colors particularly give a modern look. You might have come across the big stores in the market with designed pillars and neutral hues, which very well confirm this idea.

The on-set of light academic, dark academic, or old money aesthetics returning from their Tumblr era to Instagram has altered many things. Impacts have flown to newer stores, owned by the generation which is aware of social media and aesthetics.

Now that I‘ve made you aware of where the idea branches from, let’s see how we can exploit this idea for curating a corner in your abode. The corner you wish to choose needn’t be a different aesthetic or shade from your initial room, just a modified version. Use colors like warm whites and light brown for a cozy appearance to the corner. If the area seems to be closer to a source of light, keep the colors a bit tinted, or if it’s a bit far away go ahead with lighter tones. The perfect room upgrade that won’t go out of fashion anytime soon.


Flowers in frames is an idea from the basics, covering negative spaces with shrubs and particularly flowers has been in trend for ages. It has been amplified now and then by either incorporating the flowers as a wall corner design attached to the edges of the room or by adding artificial ones instead.  If you’re looking for DIY home decor ideas for a living room, this is a great one.

Flower-covered frames have their own personal following when it comes down to creating a personalized space that doubles as a selfie emporium. You can add a frame or attach one near a perfectly lit space, let it free by a string, permanently attach it, or go for temporary attachments.

Flowers can be added to the room in many ways. They can be added to the background or can be organized in a vase. Flower arrangements are highlights for the brighter seasons. Fun fact, you can get them customized. If flower arrangements sound like a hassle, no worries, resin arts surrounding the same always exist.

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Floral Art Selfie Spot Ideas

Resin Art Floral frames have been in the market for a while beginning in the last three years and they easily capture the whole vibe of floral core cost-effectively. Again, with floral resin art or resin art as a whole, one needs to be aware of what type of arrangements they are going for. Resin art like wind chimes or wall frames gives a highlight to a comparatively empty wall.

A wall already filled with nothing, pre-existing frames, and paintings can’t incorporate resin frames. But in that case, we have another way to include flowers. 

Dried flowers’ décor complements neutral color schemes if you are planning on implementing neutral wall paints. Dearest, dried flowers and leaves work like a magic potion. Take for example white Amaranthus in a peach or white colored vase. Complete that look with shades of brown curtains and Voila! 

Since we are talking about the floral core. You can also include ceramics in the format of leaves or reticulation to the wall, anywhere visible in the camera’s periphery.

Art Pieces with a Unique Twist

As far as home decoration items go, art is the first thing that comes to mind. I’ve rarely witnessed a study vlog without hints of framed posters in the background. Let’s take that and upgrade that idea to paintings. Framed or unframed, art is a go-to for a set-up.

Frames, painted or wooden, filled or empty can be fixed onto a wall, those with temporary set-ups or those which are mere stickers can be added to the intended area. Art pieces are undisputedly one of the most versatile elements in interior designing and worth consideration for those specifically meant for recording or streaming purposes. 

Framed art pieces are one side of the story. Selfie spot ideas of incorporating accessories that blend themselves in with artistic prints are quite an evergreen notion. For example, a “Wave of Kanagawa” themed clockwork or sticker prints of the same. Incorporate Intricate artworks like Mandala in ceramics, on vases. These selfie spot ideas can elevate the look in a snap of a finger.

While folk art canvas pieces can be kept around and placed gently on a canvas holder, in a manner of slight tilt toward the source of light. These canvas holders are easily available online or at nearby art stores. These art pieces give an insight into a personal sense of preference and richness of knowledge, holding value like an evergreen tree. 

And what if one can go crazier for an ideal selfie-spot? Add artistic wall finishes like stone, actual stone cladding, or textured wall colors to make the appearance have more dimension. 

Books to the Rescue 

We all have dreamt of having a library like those in the movie Matilda or having a collection like Rory in Gilmore Girls. While the latter is something we can’t solve, the former is our expertise here. Books and shelves have long had power when it comes to living room decor.  

For some bookstagram-worthy selfie spot ideas, go for unique book arrangements as a visual feast. Let your passion for reading create the perfect interior transformation. You can arrange a branching shelf or those enclosed on all sides. Might as well arrange colored books near each other.

home decoration items selfie spot ideas

Shelves like the typical standing wooden ones, or those in cabinet formats, or those unique in the market. You can place small shelves away from sunlight against neutral or pastel colors. For this particular aesthetic division, one can use wall stickers solely about books or quotes in the background, preferably dark stickers against a beige wall with a wooden shelf or cabinet against it. 

That is one side of the picture, you can use open book lamps or storage supplies which appear like hardcover books to be placed near a desk or behind you, the subject in motion or frame. 

Cyberpunk Dreams

Though there is an advantage of using what normally is left unarranged in the background. What adds to the dimension of a night frame is something known to all, Neon bed lights. Bed lights but make them neon, almost resembling those spotted in a night cafe’s aesthetic or those in gaming rooms. 

Wrap them around metal knit frames with a message or arrange them in long strips to the edges. The most economical way is by arranging them to the edges of a frame. Wondering why? Adding anything to the edge of the frame or near any object’s periphery makes for selfie-worthy decor. 

I bet you and I, both have come across a cyberpunk anime or movie with dim light themes and neon colors splattered over the screen. Given its added advantage of not straining the eyes, the theme also welcomes unworldly artistic sides to the eyes.

Just taking that particular inspiration to your streaming area or corner can highlight dim light themes which work well with an increased shutter speed of the camera. Providing us with that easygoing beauty of the aesthetic while keeping it cost-effective.

Reflections & Stickers 

If you’re wondering what we mean when we say mirrors are a go-to plan when it comes down to a chic look, let me explain how. These mirrors and stickers come under the flexible category of selfie spot ideas. 

Mirror stickers are available in hexagonal shapes or wide radius circular shapes or even in diamond or small dots. These stickers, if hexagonal, can be arranged in a honeycomb format next to each other in a narrow or a wide stance on the background wall.

Place the round ones as per your creativity with no particular fixed order, if necessary. They can be incorporated alongside other wall decorations or can be arranged in order next to each other horizontally. 

You can add some jute wall décor to the wall and pop in some of those stickers. 

Water Feature Selfie Spot

Adding to the grandeur of the space, why not add a water feature to the open space of the house? The water feature here refers to any small fountain or fountain-esque decoration near the garden or the wider areas of a house. Include these water features in various flexible creative manner, in various formats in various areas.  Pro tip- prevent adding them to a smaller room. 

home decor water feature ideas selfie

A water fountain can add to the richness and dimension of the view near a wall or outside a wide window under the frame. If you are aiming for a full house makeover, let the force guide you to add a tiny fountain. These can be square ones on a wall or a traditional fountain. 

Flexing Your Collection 

Imagine having a collection of glassware, let’s say mugs. How about we put this glassware to work? Sounds like a treat, doesn’t it? This is one of the best ways to decorate a living room with simple things.

If you’re mid-way through a home makeover, a shelf embedded in the wall is always in season. Use them to display any collection, mugs, glassware, wine bottles or bottle art, or any art per se. Make them a shade different from the color of the wall, preferably any shade polar in contrast, for a considerable highlight near the bright area of the room. You can add a shelf embedded horizontally as well for displaying various canvases, paintings, and artistic collections. 


Wondering how to decorate your living room with simple things? Iconic antique stuff can come to the rescue in interior design if you wanna show off your personality. If you own a good heavy ship steering or anchor, directly attach it to the wall. 

And If you happen to own anime figurines like me, get that on a glass shelf, our characters deserve some recognition, moreover any figurines as such. The figurines in metal tones like those in copper or bronze color add to the richness of a scene. 

How can I decorate my room beautiful

People usually do own at least one vintage mirror from back in the day. Arrange them on a desk designated for a beauty vlog or any antique desk as such. It can also be on a shelf alongside some beautiful vases. If you don’t own one such, you always have thrift stores at your rescue for that.

Following the trail, time to bring in the much-loved typewriters. Not to sound biased but they go down as a personal favorite. You can very well see such typewriters in various photogenic spots in the market and yes, they hold that power. Arrange them with some wooden Japanese dolls and there you have it, perfection on a table.

Going further, let’s think about the gramophone for a bit. Come on, a classic light or dark academia or soft-old money core can’t breathe without a gramophone. Arranging the vintage vinyl or vinyl to the walls, while giving the gramophone a small place of its own on a desk nearby is a vibe. 

Bring back those old landlines which had a running dial and all those old little things which held visual appeal like none other and display it. Trust me, you would thank me for that one.

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Walking towards the end of this journey, I must tell you some valuable basics of photography itself. Photography is based on the simplicity of a view, the camera does get dizzy when there are too many things to focus only on for phone cameras.

Be mindful of the natural lighting and try to make the best use of them, always experiment with various colors within the camera, monotone, film, etc. Whether you’re a vlogger or just a hobbyist photographer, always always first preview some shots and then try on a demo clip because it’s better to always be sure of the outcome being secured. 

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Pro tip- Use the pro version, get your hands on it, and experiment with it all. 

So I hope you found my list of selfie spot ideas helpful. Which is your favorite idea? Let us know below!

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