Vintage Home Decor Ideas on a Budget: Age of the Vintage

Vintage represents a unique style distinguished by enduring appeal and maturity – a fashion of timeless beauty and elegance. Using this theme for your interior can create an aura of dignity.

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No, I don’t mean to fill up your living room with antiques. Instead, classiness used in your own distinctive style can add a timeless grandeur to your area. No doubt, this theme has always been a favorite when it comes to decorating interiors – not only of hotels and restaurants, but also of homes. Here are some ways you can do the same to your space.

vintage decorating ideas for living rooms


Classic ornamentation can instantly transform the setting of your room to a memorable one. You can also use antique elements of architecture such as arches or carved entablatures reminiscent of the Renaissance. This will also act as a point of focus.


New Antiques:

Go in for the lavish look by using tastefully designed pieces of furniture and artifacts. Add magnificence to your space by using grand sculptures in carved stone, long delicate vases with flowers like large roses and chrysanthemums. Complete the ambiance with neo-classic artwork.

Vintage Home Decor Ideas colors budget


A classy look calls for lots of sunlight in the daytime and soft yellow lighting in the night-time. Use delicate wall-mounted lighting fixtures embellished with crystals.

Vintage Home Decor Ideas wallpaper living room

Tip – instead of using the ordinary crystal chandeliers use lighting fixtures that are less bulky and more fashionable in design. Another good idea is to get a sleek lighting fixture fabricated to your own design, using unusual elements.

antique decorating ideas living room


Using monochromatic theme is the safest bet. Basic colors like black, pearl white and neutral ones like dark brown and beige can be used. However, if you want to experiment, choose toned down hues like olive green, dark purple, cherry red and shades of maroon teamed with your fundamental color.

A hint of metallic hues like copper, gold or pewter will add refinement to your setting. It is best to use them sparingly, like in the frame of you mirror, on a sculpture or vase or on an item of décor such as flowers, candles or cabinet.

How can I decorate my home vintage style vintage home accessories

Try contrast. Here are some examples:

Use an outline of metallic tint against a dark backdrop like deep purple, navy blue or black.

Do your wall in black & white combo and add a dash of color using red cushions on your sofa.

Try the ageless white & beige combination for a light mood.

Vintage Home Decor Ideas upholstery living room


Use rich upholstery. Soft-to-touch fabrics like fine silks, tissue and suede are recommended. Brocade and textured leather are de rigueur for a formal look.


Pseudo-medieval materials such as marble, dark stained timber and stained glass can be used for a traditional look. These can also be used with modern materials such as ceramic tiles or veneer.

vintage home decor on a budget


Try different materials on your walls, for instance, fabrics, stone tiles and paint. Use wallpapers with simple yet elegant motifs. The trick is not to overdo it. A combination of not more than two materials should be used for a single room.

Vintage Home Decor Ideas

Ø Ornamental furniture

Ø Rich upholstery fabrics like silk, damask

Ø Dark stained timber like wenge, mahogany or teak

Ø Metallic colors

Ø Yellow lighting

Ø Classic pieces of art

Ø Use of black and white

Ø Simple and traditional motifs like paisley, botanical

modern vintage bedroom ideas

Using classicism in a modern way can be a tricky thing to do. Yet interesting. So go ahead, feel inspired with the vintage look, start experimenting and create a class of your own. And when your space speaks of subtle sophistication, you know that your mission is accomplished!

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