50 Diwali Décor Captions, Diya & Rangoli Quotes

From rangoli to diyas to home designs, here are 50 Diwali home décor captions for your Instagram pics and some wishes for Whatsapp messages!

Diwali Décor Captions Diya Rangoli Quotes lights

Hello Decorisk readers, hope you’re having a fun festive season! Diwali is the festival of lights and signifies the victory of light over darkness. Also known as Deepavali, this is the most auspicious day of the year to have our homes clean and decorated according to the Hindu culture.

Diwali decorations are not just limited to the outside of your house, but also inside your house. This includes drawing rangoli on the floor, hanging up lights and decorating your home with diyas, candles and flowers. So as we welcome Goddess Laxmi into our homes to bless us with happiness and wealth, it’s time to take some gorgeous home decor and rangoli pics, isn’t it!

And surely, a great pic needs a great caption to go with it. That’s why I have written 50 Diwali decor captions for lights, diya, rangoli, cleaning the house and even some general wishes that you can use for your family members. Hope you find them useful when making those quick IG posts, showing off your clean glam abode!

Diwali Quotes for Rangoli instagram captions

Diwali Decor Captions

While Diwali is the festival to celebrate the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya, it’s also the time to welcome Goddess Laxmi into our clean homes. The Hindu families spend a lot of time cleaning and tiding their houses, and of course, it’s a matter of great pride for us interior décor enthusiasts and designers to have beautiful clean homes on Diwali. We, in fact, spend all year thinking about what colors and textures would go well with our Diwali decorations! Isn’t it!

So if decorating your home is also your passion, here are some captions and quotes that you can use to share the joy of decorating, and being at home on Diwali.

Diwali Decor Captions home decoration
  1. With bright colors and diyas, our home is celebrating the triumph of good over evil. May your life, too, be filled with bright lights, peace and prosperity through this auspicious festival. Happy Diwali!
  2. Happy Diwali to all my friends! This season, let the love of the festival fill our homes with joy, light and sound.
  3. Welcoming Diwali decorations this season with a fresh perspective and a fresh décor!
  4. Diwali is the perfect time to get in on the act of creating diya designs together and spreading joy in every corner of our homes.
  5. Diwali is the festival of light, so here I am, lighting up our home with beautiful colours to spread the joy and happiness around.
  6. Celebrating this Diwali with some new decorations and a beautiful rangoli design to bring the joy and happiness into our home.
  7. Lighting up the Diwali night with my ‘lit’ decorative pieces!
  8. A Diwali home transformation is a way to welcome Goddess Laxmi, and to inspire ourselves to self-reflect and cleanse our souls too.
  9. The festival of lights is almost here, and I can’t wait to celebrate the Diwali season with some ‘lit’ home décor!
  10. A warm, welcoming home is a place where memories are made, and memories make homes.
  11. A clean, decorated home is the perfect way to express our love for sharing the joy of Diwali with our guests.
  12. The Diwali season is just around the corner. What I love the most about celebrating it is a splash of color, new decor, and plenty of lights!
  13. The festival of lights has a special meaning for everyone. It’s the time for welcoming good things into your life and making your home festive with rangoli designs, diya lamps, and lots of lights.
  14. This #Diwali season, let’s make our homes even brighter with traditional decorations.

Diwali Quotes with Diya

Diwali commemorates many things for Hindus, including a return to prosperity after a period of darkness, as well as the victory of good over evil. It is also a time when people get together to share sweets and light diyas. In this section, we have created some captions for Diwali on diyas or lamps.

Diwali Quotes with Diya IG captions wishes
  1. I can’t believe I’m already getting to light my diya and share my wishes with you. May this Diwali be as bright as the lights in our diyas.
  2. Soon, we’ll light up many diyas and beautiful lamps. But before the celebration, let’s light up love inside us for one another. Happy Diwali!
  3. Light up your life with diya lights this Diwali as we celebrate the victory of good over evil
  4. Celebrate the festival of lights and diyas. The festival of light is not just about a few hearts being lit up, it is about illumining the whole world.
  5. Spreading light and warmth all around, diyas capture the essence of this beautiful festival of Diwali!
  6. May this Diwali bring brightness in your life, hope in your heart and joy in your soul.
  7. The light of Diwali shines with the power to end darkness. Let it shine on you with the hope that joy and peace will always be present in your life.
  8. Celebrating the festival of lights peacefully, by lighting diyas and candles.
  9. I really love Diwali. It’s the day when we get to be proud of our culture, proud of who we are. Happy Diwali
  10. Let’s make this Diwali a time to reflect on the positives in life and share that joy with others.
  11. On the day when we celebrate light over darkness and good over evil, let us not forget to celebrate those who have filled our lives with goodness.
  12. As we light up the dark night, let’s celebrate Diwali with our friends and loved ones because this is a time for celebration, reflection, and for self-reformation.

Diwali Quotes for Rangoli

Diwali is celebrated with great fervor in India and other parts of the world. Besides lighting diyas and bursting crackers or lighting fireworks, creating rangoli design at homes is a very popular activity. And of course, we creative folks at Decorisk love it the most! Here we have created some inspirational quotes on Diwali to show off your rangoli designs to your loved ones.

Diwali Quotes for Rangoli captions instagram
  1. If lighting diyas is the soul of Diwali, making Rangoli designs is the heart of it. Let’s celebrate this vibrant festival with all the love in our hearts.
  2. The dazzling and vibrant colours of the Diwali festival are symbolic of the victory of good over evil. Let the lights from our diyas and candles spread over all our lives.
  3. Rangolis are not just mere colors. They are a way to brighten up our hearts with joy.
  4. Diwali is the time to celebrate the victory of good over evil, lighting lamps, and exchanging gifts. But the best part of it will always be drawing beautiful rangoli designs on our floors!
  5. Diwali is a time to celebrate the triumph of good over evil with colors and lights. But best of all, it’s the time to celebrate with beautiful rangolis.
  6. One of the most colorful and lively festivals, Diwali comes with lots of joy and happiness. This Diwali, I hope to keep those colors shining bright!
  7. We love the way we brighten up our houses with beautiful colors for #Diwali. This festival is certainly a chance for all desi artists to get creative!

Inspirational Diwali Wishes – Festival of Lights

Diwali is the festival of lights which involves lighting up candles and lamps to signify the victory of light over darkness. So here I have written some quotes about Diwali lights to make you feel the spirit of this festive holiday.

Inspirational Diwali Wishes – Festival of Lights
  1. Diwali is the festival of light, and in this era of darkness we need to be the light for others.
  2. The festival of lights is a time to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and good over evil.
  3. Diwali is a time for family and friends to come together and share the joys of life.
  4. Diwali is a festival of light and happiness, to celebrate Rama’s victory over demon King Ravana. I wish this day inspires you to be victorious over all your demons and celebrate the light within.
  5. It’s not just a holiday, it’s a tradition that brings light and happiness in our lives.
  6. Wish you a prosperous Diwali with lots of laughter, joy and love!
  7. #Diwali is a celebration of light, symbolizing the victory of good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair. #HAPPYDIWALI
  8. The night of Diwali is like the light of a thousand stars, shining on the hopes and dreams of everyone in this world. Happy Diwali!
  9. #HappyDiwali to all our friends! Hope your whole year is as filled with joy and laughter as today is.
  10. May this Diwali bring you happiness and prosperity, joy and light, and peace within your family!
  11. Happy Diwali to you and your family. We hope you have a joyous celebration where light outshines darkness and good overcomes evil.
  12. Blessings for prosperity, joy, and hope. May the light always be bright in your life.

Whatsapp Diwali Wishes for Family Members

Diwali is a time for family and friends to come together. On this occasion, people exchange gifts and sweets with their friends and family members. Here are some beautiful Diwali quotes for loved ones and wishes for family that you can share using whatsapp with your loved ones to make them feel special on this occasion.

  1. Wishing my family a very happy Diwali! May each one of you keep on shining bright like diyas.
  2. Happy Diwali to my family members! May your year be filled with happiness, wealth and light.
  3. May you always find happiness on this festive night of Diwali! Happy Diwali!
  4. Let’s celebrate together this season, bring a smile to each other’s faces!
  5. This the season to indulge in sweets and savors, and light up the night sky with joyous sounds! It’s time to celebrate with our friends and family. Laugh and smile through the season of good cheer! Happy Diwali!
  6. Wishing you a happy Diwali. May this festival of lights and new beginnings bring happiness to our family and may you be blessed with good fortune.

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