9 HOTTEST Interior Aesthetic TikTok Ideas for 2024

Check out the top trending interior aesthetic TikTok ideas from Barbiecore to cozy cottagecore & more home styles redefining décor in 2024.

While we love looking at the works of interior designers, these days social media, particularly TikTok sets as many trends as industry experts do.

Nowadays, TikTok is the prime spot for discovering all things fantastic. From the cutest candle warmer to that blanket storage trick that went viral and even a reliable carpet cleaner, they’re all finds from TikTok.

It’s no surprise that this social media hub is also where interior design trends shine. While our personal feeds are tailored to our preferences, the numbers tell the real story. In the last year alone, the farmhouse style has amassed over 40 million views, dominating it as the platform’s most sought-after interior design trend. But what else claimed top billing on interior aesthetic TikTok ideas charts?

And among interior aesthetic trends, I’ve recently come across so many new ones worth talking about! Interior-aesthetic-TikTok-ideas like mid-century modern, boho chic, and farmhouse aesthetics are everywhere, so we thought we’d make a list for ready reference for all you decor lovers and home renovators.

Although Barbiecore piques my interest, the whimsicality of it aligns differently with my taste. So let’s discuss them all, one by one!

9 Popular Interior Aesthetic Ideas from TikTok

Interior design trends often mirror the world beyond our home’s walls and even within the digital spaces of our phones.

TikTok isn’t just a hotspot for design inspiration; it is a compass guiding us toward the future design direction.

1. Barbiecore

Barbiecore, inspired by Greta Gerwig’s film, brings enduring pink trends. Not just plastic; use pink focal points or retro accents for a chic, nuanced look. Barbiecore, inspired by the doll’s vibrant essence, blends her iconic style, idealized lifestyle, and timeless charm into a home design trend. It’s fun, bubbly, occasionally romantic, and effortlessly translates into vibrant spaces.

This trend isn’t just about pink and glitter—it intertwines soft pastels, bright neons, and metallic accents for an unapologetically feminine vibe, echoing Barbie’s dynamic nature.

Barbiecore isn’t solely about pink; it’s an ode to the whimsical textures of the Dreamhouse—plastic, plush, and luxurious yet accessible.

To infuse your space with Barbiecore, consider these tips for interior aesthetic TikTok ideas:

  • Embrace Pink: Experiment with pastel or bold pinks in various elements, from paint to furniture, creating an inviting and lively atmosphere.
  • Shine with Materials: Incorporate shiny finishes like porcelain tiles or metallic fixtures to capture Barbie’s sparkling essence.
  • Go Maximalist: Play with vibrant colors and textures, incorporating fun accessories to evoke the lively spirit of Barbie.
  • Personalize Your Space: Connect with Barbiecore by infusing your unique style and celebrating individualism within your decor.
  • Luxurious Touches: Integrate plush textures like towels or bathmats to add that essential Barbie-esque luxury to your space.

2. Cottagecore

As design enthusiasts constantly on the lookout for trending styles, we’ve recently been drawn to the charm of cottagecore decor. The era of stark, all-white minimalism is making way for a more abundant and cozy aesthetic. Nancy Meyers, renowned for embracing countryside-inspired elements in her work, is an icon for this style.

How do you infuse your room with cottagecore vibes? It’s all about flourishing florals, layered patterns, and warm hues. The aim is to craft a snug atmosphere that echoes the outdoors. Flowers—both fresh and dried—are staples in cottagecore homes. Elements like vintage mismatched flatware, intricately adorned vases, and patterned wallpapers add a touch of old-world charm to this aesthetic.

Kate Winslet’s character’s English countryside home in “The Holiday,” a creation by Nancy Meyers, serves as a great visual reference for cottagecore decor.

Moreover, the nostalgia associated with cottagecore adds to its allure, arriving just in time for the winter and holiday seasons. Think cozy blankets, fragrant candles, and casually arranged bouquets. Whether revamping your entire space or sprucing up a corner with cottage-inspired pieces, you’re in the right place.

Many home brands have embraced the cottagecore trend, offering products—from floral wallpapers to shaggy rugs—to help you achieve that sought-after look. Amazon even has its cottage-core section, making exploring and indulging in this delightful decor trend easier.


3. Grandmillenial

The charm of the coastal grandma lies in an approachable comfort. The home exudes nautical minimalism, embracing deep blues, off-whites, and touches of foam greens. Nancy Meyers, with her film sets, epitomizes this aesthetic impeccably.

A fusion of ‘grandmother’ and ‘millennial’, this style resonates deeply with nostalgia and is often associated with ‘traditional’ or ‘old-fashioned’ aesthetics.

While not exclusively for millennials, it has become closely linked to the generation born between the early ’80s and mid-’90s, akin to avocado toast and Instagram filters, earning monikers like ‘granny chic.’

So, what defines this style of interior aesthetic TikTok ideas? It’s about blending our grandparents’ style with sleek lines and contemporary elements—melding the old with the new through art, furniture, or smaller decor pieces. Crucially, it’s about reimagining dated items in fresh, inventive ways, steering clear of the stark minimalism that has dominated design trends.

The essence lies in merging vintage and modern for a timeless allure, without strict guidelines. Designer Anna Spiro integrates traditional patterns and classic sofa styles with updated colour palettes.

Why is this style gaining momentum now? As millennials settle into their own homes, there’s a yearning for a sense of familiarity and nostalgia, particularly as many may not have their grandparents around. Additionally, there’s a sustainability angle, a shift away from mass-produced furniture towards cherished older pieces found through platforms like Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace.

In essence, this trend responds to the overwhelming abundance of choices available today. While our grandparents might have had limited options, the modern-day glut of choices makes it harder to pinpoint individual tastes. The grandmillennial style serves as a nod to the past, providing a connection to heritage amid a sea of options in today’s global marketplace.


4. Scandi Maximalism

An exuberantly bold style in interior design is called Scandi Maximalism. This vibrant approach celebrates extravagance by embracing diverse colors, patterns, textures, and décor. Unsurprisingly, this design trend has skyrocketed on TikTok, a platform that thrives on inventive content.

The Burrow reported a staggering 449 million views on maximalism-related content in the U.S. on TikTok within the past year. Interestingly, its popularity shines in Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Washington.


5. Mid-century Modern

A fresh interior design trend emerged in the early 1900s, and its allure remains irresistible. Enter Midcentury Modern—an aesthetic defined by its clean, uncluttered look, featuring sleek lines, minimal embellishments, and a dedication to practicality. Picture a palette of natural elements, such as wood, alongside spacious areas adorned with expansive windows.

This year, over 210 million individuals in the U.S. indulged in midcentury modern content on TikTok, making it the prevailing interior design fascination in Iowa.


6. Farmhouse

Farmhouse design has soared in popularity, reigning as TikTok’s most sought-after interior design trend over the past year, amassing a staggering 408 million views. According to Coffey, this trend’s appeal lies in its fusion of sophistication and comfort, offering a blend that resonates deeply. The design trend attributes the surge in its popularity to a resurgence in the art of hosting, emphasizing the desire for inviting and snug home spaces.

However, we can note the shift from the typical midwestern farmhouse interior aesthetic TikTok ideas, marked by ubiquitous shiplap and grey-toned wooden floors. Instead, people are leaning towards a European take on farmhouse aesthetics, envisioning warmth and coziness infused with a French Country charm. These variations often share warm wooden hues, natural stones, earthy colour palettes, and organic materials, deviating from the stereotypical farmhouse style.

Upon exploring preferences more deeply, we often discover an affinity for specific farmhouse elements, such as exposed beams, rather than an inclination towards an entirely rustic ambience.


7. Cluttercore

Cluttercore interior aesthetic TikTok ideas deliberately veer away from minimalism, championing the beauty found within organized chaos. It boldly embraces maximalism, showcasing an overflow of decorations, collections, and personal treasures that might appear chaotic initially but hold sentimental value. This style amalgamates diverse colors, patterns, and textures, crafting a snug, well-lived ambience rich in charm and individuality. Notably, Cluttercore finds significant popularity in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin.


8. Boho Style Décor

The boho aesthetic in interior aesthetic TikTok ideas embodies a carefree, diverse, and creative vibe. It embraces a deep connection with nature, showcasing indoor greenery, wood, and rattan alongside textured fabrics like lively rugs and tapestries.

According to The Burrow, the boho style ranks as the third most sought-after interior design trend among Americans on TikTok, amassing 124 million searches within the past year. Interestingly, Kentucky and West Virginia seem particularly fond of this expressive design trend.


9. Eclectic Chic

The charm of the eclectic style lies in its all-embracing nature—it thrives without constraints. Similar to vintage décor, it prioritizes the owner’s character over a strict set of guidelines. This style accommodates many elements, allowing clients to effortlessly blend in cherished and idiosyncratic personal items. It also enables the display of multiple design styles simultaneously.


What ties all these styles together is their curated, collected appearance. They convey the sometimes-authentic impression that spaces have evolved over time.

10. Dark Academia

Blending classic literature, gothic elements, and scholarly aesthetics, dark academia is a captivating home decor and interior trend sweeping across TikTok. Central to this theme is a rich and moody color palette, featuring deep hues of brown, black, and forest green, often accentuated with touches of gold or brass.

Furniture choices lean towards the vintage or antique, with heavy wooden bookcases, leather armchairs, and writing desks creating a studious but cozy atmosphere. The theme itself is an ode to a love for knowledge and classic literature, with rooms often adorned with stacks of books, vintage maps, and globes, evoking the feeling of an old library or study.

On TikTok, we’ve seen countless dark academia-inspired spaces, perhaps due to its versatility and the personal touch users can add, making each space unique. The aesthetic’s moody and contemplative vibe resonates with many looking for a retreat from the modern world’s hustle and bustle, offering a space that feels both timeless and deeply personal. It’s for you if you want your home to exude a sense of drama and sophistication.

dark academia aesthetic tiktok interior trends

As interior design progresses, these interior aesthetic TikTok ideas give us a peek into what’s on the horizon. Whether it’s the maximalist’s love for vibrant excess, the enduring appeal of midcentury modern, the free-spirited charm of boho, the nostalgic vibe of grandmillennial style, or even the orchestrated messiness of cluttercore, there’s a trend catering to every personality and home aesthetic.

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