Home Furniture Brands in India

From the bustling streets to online marketplaces and digital brand store, Indian home furniture brands are merchandising seriously stylish and sturdy pieces now days. But there are a few things you should know to make the best choice for your home.

So, whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned furniture enthusiast. We’re going to give you our detailed understanding of furniture brands that can be nightmare for furniture sales reps. Here are the top home furniture brands in India that you need to look out for.

Godrej Interio

Godrej offers a wide array of products including sofas, beds, dining sets, wardrobes, and storage units. Known for durability and modern designs. However, their designs less traditional.

They have a strong presence in urban and semi-urban markets across India. Godrej Interio furniture range uses a mix of solid wood, engineered wood, and metal.

They emphasize sustainable materials and offers a variety of finishes, often contemporary and sleek. For upholstery and cushioning, they use quality fabric and cushioning, focusing on ergonomic comfort.

Price Range: Mid to high range, catering to a wide audience.

Brand and Warranty: Godrej Interio has strong reputation in the market and offers a comprehensive warranty policy.


Is more of an online marketplace than a furniture brands, they have an extensive range including traditional and contemporary furniture.

They have a strong online presence, catering to customers across India. They have wide variety, but customers often report issues with after-sales service.

The listed products have diverse materials from solid wood to metal and glass, with various finishes catering to different aesthetic preferences. Most of their listed products are generally reliable, but varies by product.

Price Range: From budget to premium.

Brand and Warranty: Good online reputation, warranty varies by product.


Durian is known for office and home furniture including sofas, beds, and dining sets. It has a strong presence in metro cities and is gradually expanding in tier-2 cities. They are more renowned for office furniture; however, home furniture range is gradually coming up.

Durian product range primarily uses engineered wood and metal; known for robust construction and offers durable finishes suitable for both home and office environments.

Their furniture design language focuses on ergonomic, especially in office furniture. Their products are stable and durable as the name suggests and built with safety considerations.

Price Range: Mid to high-end market.

Brand and Warranty: Good name in office furniture, with commercial warranty terms.


Ikea offers a very wide range including modular and minimalist furniture for its Indian as well as global customers. They are popular in urban areas; strong global brand recognition. Ikes is known for affordability and modern design but requires self-assembly.

They uses a variety of materials including wood, plastic, and metal. Known for its DIY assembly model, which come with sleek and modern finishes. Their furniture upholstery and cushioning offers a range of options, focusing on modern aesthetics and come in low to medium fabric quality levels.


Ikea prioritize both aesthetics and ergonomics. They have highly safety-focused, though stability can depend on proper assembly, however their products are very well designed and priced.

Price Range: Budget-friendly.

Brand and Warranty: Strong global brand with a good warranty and return policy.


Nilkamal is known for plastic and molded furniture, but also offers an extensive range of wooden furniture, including beds, sofas, and dining sets. They have a strong presence in both urban and rural areas due to its affordable pricing and wide availability.

Nilkamal furniture is known for its durable and lightweight plastic furniture but perceived as less premium compared to wooden or metal counterparts. It’s products predominantly use plastic and engineered wood. The craftsmanship is geared towards functionality, durability and cost competitiveness.

Their product finishes are generally simple, catering to a utilitarian aesthetic, and offers basic upholstery, focusing on practicality rather than luxury. Their furniture is functional and user-friendly designs, though not always the most ergonomically advanced. Their products are known for their stability and safety, especially the plastic range.

Price Range: Affordable, catering to a wide demographic.

Brand and Warranty: Well-regarded for its affordability and durability with a reasonable warranty on most products.

Urban Ladder

Urban Ladder is an online marketplace very much like Pepperfry, they offers a contemporary range of furniture including sofas, beds, dining tables, and storage solutions. They primarily target urban markets and have a strong online presence and also have retail experience centers. Their catalogue is known for modern designs and quality craftsmanship but might be on the higher side price-wise.

Price Range: Mid to high-end, targeting the premium segment.

Brand and Warranty: Has a strong reputation for quality and customer service, with good warranty policies.


Hometown offers a wide assortment of furniture including bedroom sets, living room sofas, dining tables, and modular kitchens. They are popular across various Indian cities, known for its physical retail stores as well as online presence. They have good mix products and interior design services but lack in unique or exclusive designs.

The use materials that are a mix of engineered wood, solid wood, and metal. Focuses on functionality and modern designs, and provides a variety of finishes, from matte to glossy, suitable for different home aesthetics.


The upholstery options are comfortable and durable upholstery options. Their furniture is designed keeping in mind both aesthetics and user comfort and ensures product stability, suitable for home environments.

Price Range: Covers a broad range from budget to premium segments.

Brand and Warranty: Known for its customer-centric approach and reliable warranty terms.

Zuari Furniture

Zuari offers a wide range of home furniture including bedroom sets, TV units, dining tables, and storage solutions. They have strong presence in both urban and suburban markets in India and are known for affordable and functional designs but may lack in high-end luxury options.

They primarily uses engineered wood, focusing on cost-effective manufacturing and provide durable finishes suited for everyday use. Zuari’s products use basic upholstery and prioritize functionality over ergonomic. Their products are stable and built with safety considerations, especially in modular designs.

Price Range: Mostly budget to mid-range, catering to cost-conscious consumers.

Brand Reputation and Warranty: Known for affordability with decent warranty terms.

Evok Furniture

Evok offers a mid and premium range of furniture including luxury sofas, beds, dining sets, and home decor items. It targets the upper-middle to high-end segment in urban areas.

Evok is from Hindware (HHIL), and their products have elegant and luxurious designs, but the price range might be a barrier for budget buyers. They utilizes high-quality materials like solid wood and premium upholstery and offers high quality finishes, catering to a luxury aesthetic.

The Upholstery and cushioning is of good quality, focusing on comfort and luxury. Evok products are designed with a blend of comfort, style, and ergonomic support with emphasis safety and stability in all its products.

Price Range: Premium pricing for a luxury market segment.

Brand Reputation and Warranty: Has a strong reputation in the luxury furniture segment with good warranty policies.


Damro is known for a wide array of products including sofas, beds, dining furniture, and office furniture. They have a significant presence in various Indian cities especially in South India, catering to both residential and commercial sectors.

They offer durable and practical furniture at reasonable prices but may not be the first choice for high-end luxury seekers. I have used their furniture and am quite please with their value offering. Their range may not be very big, but they are confident about their product offerings.

Damro home furniture brands in India

Their products range uses solid wood, engineered wood, and metal. Known for its durable construction, and offers a finishes, from traditional to contemporary. The furniture is comes with durable upholstery options suitable for both home and office use, that focuses on providing practical and comfortable furniture.

Price Range: Mid-range, offering good value for money.

Brand and Warranty: Good reputation for quality and durability, with satisfactory warranty conditions.


Featherliet primarily known for office furniture, Featherlite also offers a range of home furniture including sofas, recliners, and beds. Their focus is in the office furniture segment across India. They are highly reputed in the office furniture sector but less known for home furniture and uses high-quality materials with a focus on ergonomic design, especially in office chairs.

Their products offer professional and sleek finishes, particularly in its office range and specializes in ergonomic designs, particularly beneficial for office environments. The brand is well known for its durable and commercial office furniture.

Price Range: Mid to high-end, especially for its office furniture.

Brand and Warranty: Strong reputation in the office sector with comprehensive warranty terms.

The Home Dekor

The Home Dekor offers a variety of furniture including rustic and contemporary designs in tables, chairs, storage units, and more. Their appeals to a broad market with a mix of traditional and modern designs.

Their products have been praised for unique and artistic designs but may have a limited selection in certain categories. Their offer variety of materials, including solid wood, with an emphasis on handcrafted details, and a mix of finishes, often showcasing the natural beauty of the wood.

Their furniture has varied upholstery styles, often aligning with the rustic or contemporary theme of the furniture and offers a balance between aesthetic appeal and comfort. Home Dekor products are well-made, focusing on both aesthetics and durability.

Price Range: Offers products across a wide price range, catering to different budgets.

Brand and Warranty: Known for unique and quirky designs and customer service, with reliable warranty terms.


Spacewood specializes in modular kitchen and bedroom furniture, including wardrobes, beds, and kitchen units. They are strong in the modular furniture segment, particularly present in urban areas. Their solutions are known for modern, space-saving designs. However, customization options might be limited.

They use engineered wood primarily for their products, with a focus on modern manufacturing techniques. They offer contemporary finishes, often with a minimalist aesthetic, with minimal upholstery, focusing more on the woodwork and structure.

Spacewood’s designs are modern and functional, with an emphasis on space optimization and are designed keeping in mind urban living, offering stability and safety.

Price Range: Mid-range, offering value for money in the modular furniture segment.

Brand and Warranty: Well-regarded for modular solutions, with satisfactory warranty and service.

Wooden Street

Wooden Street offers a wide range of custom-made furniture including sofas, beds, dining tables, and storage units, and are known for their customizable furniture, appealing to a wide range of customers looking for personalized designs.

Their strength lies in customization and variety. However, this might lead to longer delivery times. Their products come in mix of solid wood and engineered wood, with an emphasis on craftsmanship and detail, which are offered a variety of finishes, catering to individual customer preferences.

For upholstery and cushioning they provides a wide range of options, customizable according to customer needs. They focus on creating furniture that is both comfortable and tailored to individual needs.

Price Range: Ranges from mid to high, depending on the level of customization.

Brand and Warranty: Known for its customer-centric approach and reliable warranty terms.


They offers a wide variety of furniture including sofas, beds, dining tables, office furniture, and outdoor furniture. RoyalOak brands targets a broad market segment with a strong presence in both online and offline retail. They are known for its diverse range and affordability, but some products might lack the premium finish of higher-end brands.

RoyalOak uses a mix of materials including engineered wood, solid wood, metal, and glass. With a focus on cost-effectiveness, they provide a range of finishes catering to various tastes. Their upholstery has limited options, balancing comfort and aesthetics. Most of the designs prioritize practicality and offer good stability and safety features.

Price Range: Primarily targets the budget to mid-range segment.

Brand and Warranty: Has a growing reputation for offering value for money, with reasonable warranty terms.


Casastyle specializes in contemporary furniture like sofas, recliners, beds, and dining sets. They have positioned themselves for the online market, appealing to urban consumers. They are known for their modern designs and competitive pricing. The range might be limited for those seeking traditional or classic styles.

Casastyle products are made from quality materials including solid wood and metal, focusing on modern manufacturing techniques. They offers finishes that complement contemporary interior designs with comfortable and stylish upholstery, suited for modern homes.

Their products are designed with a focus on contemporary styling and comfort, and have a good safety and stability in its products.

Price Range: Mid-range, catering to customers seeking affordable modern designs.

Brand and Warranty: Known for its customer-friendly policies and good warranty terms.


Wakefit is primarily known for its mattresses, however they also offers a range of home furniture including beds, sofas, and wardrobes. They have a good online presence, with a focus on urban markets.

They are highly reputed for mattresses, but its furniture range is still growing. Product variety might be limited compared to specialized furniture brands. They products use decent quality materials with a focus on ergonomics, especially in sleep products.

Wakefit offers finishes that are primarily modern and minimalist and have positioned themselves in providing technically comfortable sleep products that have supportive cushioning. With emphasis ergonomics, particularly in beds and mattresses their products designed for durability and stability.

Price Range: Mid-range, offering good value especially in sleep products.

Brand and Warranty: Strong reputation in the mattress segment with commendable warranty policies.

Saraf Furniture

Saraf specializes in solid wood furniture, offering products like beds, sofas, dining tables, and storage units. The brand appeals to customers looking for traditional and solid wood furniture.

They are known for its quality solid wood construction. The range might be less appealing to those seeking lightweight or ultra-modern designs. Saraf focuses on high-quality solid wood, with craftsmanship emphasizing durability and traditional styles. Their products offers rich, natural wood finishes that highlight the material’s beauty. The upholstery is in line with the classic appeal of its products.

With regards to comfort and ergonomics, the products have traditional designs, with a focus more on aesthetic appeal over ergonomics. The brands products have solid wood construction ensures high product stability and longevity.

Price Range: Mid to high, reflecting the quality of solid wood.

Brand and Warranty: Well-regarded for its quality and craftsmanship, with robust warranty terms.

Varmora Furniture

Varmora is known for its plastic and molded furniture, Varmora offers a range of chairs, tables, and outdoor furniture. They are popular in both urban and rural markets, appealing to those looking for affordable and lightweight furniture.

Their products are known for durable and low-maintenance plastic furniture. Their range may not appeal to those seeking wooden or luxury furniture, as theyspecializes in high-quality plastic and molded furniture, focusing on functionality and durability.

Their product finishes are generally simple and functional, suited to the material’s utilitarian nature with minimal upholstery, as most products are plastic and molded. Varmora’s designs are functional, and cater to basic comfort and utility needs, with emphasis on safety and stability in its plastic and molded furniture designs.

Price Range: Generally budget-friendly, targeting a wide consumer base.

Brand and Warranty: Known for affordability and durability with reasonable warranty policies.


Chumbak offers a quirky and colorful range of furniture and home decor items, including accent chairs, tables, and storage units. Their products appeals to a younger audience and those looking for unique, contemporary designs.

Chumbak is popular for its vibrant and distinctive designs. However, the product range is more limited in terms of traditional furniture pieces. They use variety of materials, with a focus on aesthetic appeal and uniqueness and are known for its colorful and patterned finishes, bringing a playful and artistic vibe to home decor.


Chumbak’s offers creatively designed upholstery that complements the brand’s vibrant aesthetic. While stylish, some pieces prioritize design over ergonomic comfort and ensures a balance of aesthetic appeal and functional stability.

Price Range: Mid-range, catering to those seeking unique design elements for their homes.

Brand and Warranty: Chumbak has carved a niche for itself in the market with a focus on unique, whimsical designs, supported by good customer service.

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