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We accept only exclusive, original content.

Article Submission Guidelines

All submissions have to follow our submission procedure and abode by article guidelines. Guest authors are encouraged to submit a topic and/or synopsis first. We read all submissions within one week, and will contact you if your submission has been accepted. Please send us submissions or pitches at [email protected].

We can only accept articles that maintain the journalistic quality of, so it’s advisable to read the existing articles on our website before sending your pitch.

  1. Content has to be 100% unique, original & exclusive. The copy shouldn’t have been published elsewhere, either online or in print.
  2. Please review the existing content and sections to see what genres of articles we accept. Typically, we accept interior decor, DIY, design features and recipe articles.
  3. Self-promotional blog posts are immediately rejected.
  4. The author should be an expert on the subject. Your post should show your authoritativeness and know-how.
  5. All sources have to be cited properly with link, date & name of author/publication.
  6. If you’re attaching images, please make sure they’re copyright-free or you have the copyright (we’ll need your & the photographer’s express permission to post them). We don’t accept images of private property or private citizens, unless accompanied with written consent.
  7. We may make structural and journalistic changes to the article to make it more understandable.
  8. Please send us your author bio with the draft or summary pitch, so we can review your expertise along with the article. Article submission guidelines for author bio:Author bio can be 100-200 words long. Please add the following information in it:

    1. Full Name:
    2. College(s) you graduated from (for bachelors & master’s/ PhD degree) and year graduated for each?
    3. Your professional profile (city of origin, education, work experience, awards, publications etc.):
    4. Briefly explain your work or experience:
    5. Current designation:
    6. Current organization & location:
    7. City and country of origin:
    8. Any hobbies/extra-curricular activities you pursue?
    9. Website/ blog (if any) –
    10. Please attach your recent (professional) picture, contact email address / Twitter / LinkedIn profile


We don’t accept advertorials. Articles written primarily to advertise a product, company or institute will
be rejected. Please refrain from submitting articles with a biased view or those that promote a
product/service for commercial benefit. We don’t accept guest articles with external third-party links.

Copyrights for Articles Submitted to Decorisk

Knowing your rights is an important part of article submission guidelines for any magazine/newspaper. Please note that you own the creative rights to your work and it will be published under your name.

All submissions become the property of By submitting your work, you are granting us the Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0) that allows us to copy, redistribute, edit, re-purpose and build upon the material, as long as we credit you for the work.